Looking Glass Shadowboxes, 2007 Found Object Assemblage, 7 X 8.5" 

A long time ago, someone gave me an old book called The Bible Looking Glass. Published in 1875, the book contains a series of essays and engravings, religious "similitudes", and "comforting literature". The book itself did not interest me so much, but what was contained inside did! Someone who had originally owned this book pressed within it a number of dried flowers, a Palm Sunday cross, and a lock of hair. Moved by the poignancy of finding such objects, I carefully removed them and scanned them. Most of them subsequently fell apart.

I began to consider how objects can represent a connection to a life that once lived and is now gone. To me, the disintegration of the pressed flowers was itself symbolic of our own mortality and of our vain efforts to preserve the tangible aspects of our existence. 

To represent this experience, I created 7 shadow boxes (there were 7 items contained in the book--a perfect symbolic number). Within the boxes are actual pages from the book. I chose pages that spoke of immortality, memory, time, and our relationship with the earth and with God. To these pages, I attached real fossils. I chose ammonites because they are spirals and they have compartments. On the glass I affixed the scanned images of the objects I found.