Additional Information

Mary Abma, a resident of Bright’s Grove, Ontario, is a contemporary artist who works in a variety of media. A full-time artist, Mary has exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions at galleries over the past 30 years. Mary comes from a long line of artists and grew up with the benefit of mentoring from her grandmothers. From the early 1990’s until her solo exhibition, “If Remembered”, in 2003, she explored the art of portraiture and figurative painting, always seeking to push the limits of expression of the human form so that by the end of this period, efforts to capture the essence of the person became more important than attempts to portray a physical likeness.  After that time, Mary’s artistic focus shifted and her artworks, which consist primarily of idea-based works executed in a variety of artistic forms, explore themes that allow her to incorporate her interest in the humanities, her passion for science, and her desire to find visual expression for her thoughts about the human condition. “I visit themes that relate to universal experiences that are present in our own life narratives. These layered works examine connections, or bridges that are integral to our stories.  I am especially interested in exploring the bridges that bring us into a connection with our past, those that identify our relationship with the natural world, and those that lead to an awareness of revelation and inspiration.”