Community-Engaged Artworks 

Driftwood Mural, 2017

This project was undertaken by Grade 6 and 7 students at Sarnia Christian School. Over a full year (Spring 2016- Spring 2017), the students worked on this mural for the multipurpose space in the new wing of their school. The students collected the driftwood, designed the mural, mounted the driftwood onto chicken wire and helped to hang it.

Ash Tree Memorial Gathering, April 29, 2017

Canatara Park, Sarnia, ON

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Genesis, 2016

This artwork was done in collaboration with students in Grades 7 & 8 at Sarnia Christian School. The work, which was part of a learning unit about the affects of plastics on our marine environments was done over a 4-month period. It is hanging in the new wing of the school.

Milagro Prayer Shawl, 2012

In the spring of 2012, I began to work on an outdoor installation. Our grapevine which had enfolded our deck for twenty years had suffered a great shock due to a very early bout of warm weather, followed by a heavy frost. All of the growth that had begun this year, had died. Despite all of the tests we did to determine if the vine had any life in it, we could find none. Spring had come to the rest of my yard, but the vine remained dry and brown. I was inspired to make an artwork out of the vine. For this artwork, I invited people I knew to make or to find a small object that they would associate with a prayer (milagro) and then hang it on the vine. The goal was to cover the vine with visual representations of an entire, diverse community of prayers.

In July of that year, the vine sprouted back to life. This natural act became symbolic of healing and the vine became a living metaphor. After a year and a half, I brought the installation indoors and fashioned it into a prayer shawl, inspired by the shawls that some church groups make in prayer for those who are in need. This artwork is owned by Forest City Community Church, in London, Ontario.

View the Milagro Prayer Shawl here:

Triptych Altarpiece (2010 - 2015)